Marine and offshore

Fire protection solution for marine and offshore


Fast and reliable - minimizes water damage

Marine and offshore environments need fast and effective fire suppression systems

Fires in marine and offshore environments pose a significant risk to personnel and property and the risk of fire is high due to the presence of combustible materials. A fire at sea is always problematic as there are no safe escape routes. Marine and offshore environments need a fast acting and environmentally friendly fire suppression installation. A VID FIREKILL low-pressure water mist system operates on clean fresh water. The FIREKILL™ products have been developed with a focus on effectiveness and robustness and have been tested and certified to the highest standards.

A fire on an offshore installation or a ship can have large consequences for personnel and the environment.

Refinery oil and gas industry
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The ideal firefighting system

Low-pressure water mist

We feel obliged to do our utmost to protect the world. That is why our products combine high fire-fighting performance and robust and reliable designs with environmentally friendly, responsible methods.

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable solution
  • Tested and approved to International standards
  • Smaller footprint, reduced water reservoir
  • Low water and power consumption
  • We are where our customer needs us

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See all cases
Old crane, Gdansk

National Maritime Museum, Gdansk

Wooden Tower of the Crane, Gdansk At VID FIREKILL, we take great pride in contributing to the protection of world heritage sites around the globe and we are therefore proud to have provided fire protection in partnership with Polish Supon S.A. for the Wooden Tower of the Crane at the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk. […]
Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Tunnel

Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Tunnel, Saudi Arabia

Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Tunnel in Saudi Arabia protected by VID FIREKILL
Protecting Star Legend

Star Legend, Cruise Ship, Italy

Keeping the luxury cruise ship, Star Legend, safe with low pressure watermist.
QUADRILL Linz Tabakfabrik

The QUADRILL, Linz, Austria

The QUADRILL in Linz, Austria Together with our Austrian partner FES Fire Expert Solutions GmbH, we are providing fire protection to the large-scale QUADRILL project on the premises of the Tabakfabrik in Linz Austria. The heritage-listed industrial complex designed by architect Peter Behrens in the early 1930s will be complemented by four large new buildings […]
Firekill Twensty Seven final alleen muziek_Moment

Hotel Twenty Seven, Amsterdam

Protecting the luxerious hotel, Twenty Seven, in Amsterdam.
pelgulinna water mist protected

Pelgulinna and RAE Gymnasium, Estonia

The state Gymnasiums Pelgulinna and RAE in the Tallinn region in Estonia fire protected by VID FIREKILL.
Libourne HOspital Center

Car Park Libourne Functional Imaging Center in Bordeaux, France

Low pressure watermist system installed in connection with the refurbishment.
Green Pea Retail Park

Green Pea Retail Park, Turin, Italy

Shopping center built on the principles of sustainable architecture with minimal impact on the environment.
St Maurice Church in Naters, Switzerland

St Maurice Church in Naters, Switzerland

A fire protection solution that will cause minimal damage to the structure in case of activation.
Vestre Porsgrunn Church1

Vestre Porsgrunn Church, Porsgrunn, Norway

An ideal solution for protection of complex structures.

Low water flow - less power consumption

VID FIREKILL vs. sprinklers and other watermist solutions


80 % lower water flows

High pressure

75 % less power consumption

Other low pressure solutions

55 % lower water flows

80 %

VID FIREKILL uses less water than traditional sprinkler systems

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