Marine and offshore

Fire protection solution for marine and offshore


Fast and reliable - minimizes water damage

Marine and offshore environments need fast and effective fire suppression systems

Marine and offshore environments are all occupied with personnel and often highly flammable substances. It can be hydrocarbon substances such as fuel oil, crude oil among others in addition to class A fuel such as inventory, shops etc. A fire in such environments is always problematic when it comes to escape as they are mostly far away from land. Such units are in the need of a fast and environmentally friendly fire suppression installation. A low pressure watermist system operates on clean fresh water, and the VID FIREKILL products are tested and certified to the highest standards. The VID FIREKILL products have been developed over years focusing on robust and effective solutions.

A fire on an offshore installation or a ship can have large consequences for personnel and the environment.

Refinery oil and gas industry
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The ideal firefighting system

Low pressure watermist

We feel obliged to do our utmost to protect the world. That is why our products combine high fire-fighting performance and robust and reliable designs with environmentally friendly, responsible methods.

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable solution
  • Tested and approved to International standards
  • Smaller footprint, reduced water reservoir
  • Low water and power consumption
  • We are where our customer needs us

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Low water flow - less power consumption

VID FIREKILL vs. sprinklers and other watermist solutions


80 % lower water flows

High pressure

75 % less power consumption

Other low pressure solutions

55 % lower water flows

80 %

VID FIREKILL uses less water than traditional sprinkler systems

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