The benefits of watermist

The benefits of watermist

A watermist system from VID FIREKILL shall always give positive value to the end user. Positive value in our eyes is when the total sum of all benefits we supply is larger than the cost of obtaining the system. To create these benefits, all our products and systems are created with unique selling points enabling us to provide as much value as possible.

Watermist offers many benefits

Watermist offers many benefits compared to conventional sprinkler systems.

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Benefits of a watermist system

Watermist systems offer many benefits. One of the key benefits is water usage. Compared to traditional sprinkler systems, watermist systems use approximately 85% less water. The reduced water consumption makes the systems more sustainable. In addition, watermist systems only use potable water as a suppression agent and are therefore harmless to people. By using less water, the watermist systems ensure minimal water damage to buildings and the interior and minimize interruptions and downtime as well as the financial cost of a fire.

Watermist systems are cost-effective. The systems are easier and cheaper to install and maintain than traditional sprinkler systems. This is due to watermist systems can be designed with smaller components and smaller diameter pipes. The water storage tanks for watermist systems are smaller than those required for traditional sprinklers, and therefore, require less storage space. In case of facility expansion, the watermist systems can be easily retrofitted and extended.

Low water flow - less power consumption

VID FIREKILL vs. other watermist solutions and sprinklers



Other low pressure solutions

55% lower water flows




80% lower water flows



High pressure

75% less power consumption

Hotel Twenty Seven, Amsterdam

The VID FIREKILL low pressure water mist system effectively protects our guests and property while minimizing water damage.

Eric Toren, owner Hotel Twenty Seven, Amsterdam

The ideal firefighting system

Low pressure watermist

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