Safe for people and the environment

Hangar fire protection without harmful chemicals

Firefighting foams used to extinguish fires in hangars often contain chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment. In addition, a foam discharge can cause great damage to the aircraft and other high-value equipment. The FIREKILL™ Model F102 Pressure Water Mist solution is specially developed for protection of aircraft hangars. The system only uses potable water as a firefighting agent. This not only eliminates the risk of the firefighting medium damaging high-value assets, but also makes it an environmentally friendly solution. The FIREKILL™ Model F102 low pressure water mist nozzle is a telescopic pop-up nozzle utilizing low pressure water mist to provide fire protection in aircraft hangar areas below the aircraft. The nozzle is installed embedded into the hangar floor, flush with the surrounding surface. This protects the nozzles in standby position but enables them to perform as needed if a fire occurs. Once pressure is added to the nozzle pipes, the nozzle will elevate from the floor and spray water mist into the protected area.

Protecting high-value aircrafts

The system effectively suppresses fires in hangars without filling the hangar with foam and causing damage to high-value aircrafts and other equipment.

Hangar fire protection

Aircraft hangars

Environmentally friendly fire protection of hangars

The main benefits of the FIREKILL™ low pressure water mist system for the protection of aircraft hangars:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • The system only uses potable water as a firefighting agent
  • Safe for people
  • Easy cleanup
  • No damage to the aircraft
  • Can be installed during retrofit works in old hangars
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