Aircraft Hangars


The FIREKILL™ Model F102 Fire Protection Nozzle is a telescopic nozzle utilizing low pressure water mist to provide fire protection in hangar areas below aircrafts.


AISI 316


3/4" BSP-T

Kv Metric


Operating pressure

10 - 16 Bar


2.00 m x 4.00 m


Embedded into floor

Aircraft hangars


The Model F-102 nozzle is installed embedded into the hangar floor, flush with the surrounding surface. Once pressure is added to the nozzle pipes, the nozzle will elevate from the floor and spray water mist into a 2 by 4 meter area.

Aircraft hangars


The Model F102 nozzle has been installed in NATO hangars to provide fire protection for F16, F35, helicopter hangars, and Boeing AWAC airplanes. The nozzles have undergone full-scale testing at an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. The tests involved different types of fuels such as Jet Fuel, Heptane, and Diesel. The testing included a range of scenarios, including 4 m2 pool fires, 1 m2 pool fire with a wood crib, obstructed 1 m2 pool fires, and flowing jet fuel fires.