Defined application

Conveyor belt

The FIREKILL™ Low-pressure water mist system for protection of closed, semi-closed and open conveyors.

Min working pressure

6 Bar

Max working pressure

16 Bar

Drop size

DV90 = 300 um

1.5 m wide conveyor

Type I-C 1,5

2.5 m wide conveyor

Type 3V-C 2.5

Kv Metric

2.8 and 2.0

Flow rate at min pressure 1.5 m width

7 l/min/m pipe

Flow rate at min pressure 2.5 m width

18.6 l/min/m pipe

Defined application


The VID FIREKILL Low-pressure, fine water spray deluge systems Model N-pipe Type I-C1,5 and Model N-Pipe Type 3V-C2,5 was created for the protection of conveyors. The Model N-Pipe Types I-C1,5 and 3V-C2,5 are supplied in 6 m pre-fabricated lengths, which lowers the time required for designing and installing the system and makes it easier to incorporate into existing locations. Based on the testing the N-pipes Type I-C1,5 and 3V-C2,5 can protect closed, semi-closed or open conveyors transporting clean wood residues from forestry or other wood processing activities, coal, wood pellets, etc.

Defined application


N-pipes Type I-C1,5 and 3V-C2,5 has been successfully tested in accordance with DFL TM 180719-1289-4, designed accordingly to prEN 14972 annex A, for installation in systems including detectors in accordance with DFL test protocol 190307-1276-1. The system is holding a DnV 3rd. party witness certificate.