Defined application

Cable tunnel

The FIREKILL™ low-pressure water mist system Model CT is a Fixed Fire Suppression System suitable for fire protection purposes in cable tunnels. The system is tested with both open deluge type nozzles and pendent automatic nozzles.

Min working pressure

8 Bar

Max working pressure

16 Bar

Drop size

DV90 = 300 um

Design area

Min 18 m x 3.6 m (6 nozzles)

Kv Metric


Flow rate at min pressure

37.9 l/min

Nominal density

2.92 mm/m2


3.0 m x 3.6 m

Cable tunnel


The VID Fire-Kill low-pressure, fine water spray deluge system Model CT was created for the protection of closed and semi-closed cable tunnels. This DIOM covers the use of Model CT, as described above. The Model CT has been designed with a zoned approach in mind or with automatic nozzles, which lowers the time required when designing and installing the system and makes it easier to incorporate into existing locations. Model CT systems are installed in one or parallel rows, covering the tunnel in its whole width and length, in a total flooding design or automatic nozzle design, where the pipes are connected to the same riser pipe, or in zones where each zone is connected to a zone deluge valve.


The low-pressure, fine water spray deluge system has been tested to EN14972 Part 11. Based on the testing the system can protect but not limited to various applications such as: • Concealed or semi concealed cable tunnels with wind velocities up to 4,1 m/s. The test is witness by DnVGL, accredited 3 party certification body and holding IBS Institute für Brandschutztechnik und Sicherheitsforschung approval.