Isolation valve for filter

The FIREKILL™ Model F is a patented system of compact high capacity in-line style filters, for protection of small openings and orifices and small capacity filters and clearances against clogging, and for protection against abrasive wear of internal surfaces in pipe systems transporting liquids. The Model F can be supplied with a unique feature of either visual or electronic alarm for when it’s time to clean/rinse it. Optional accessories such as isolation valves.


AISI 316


Flanged DIN PN16


DN50 and DN80

Operating pressure

0 - 16 Bar

Pressure loss DN50

0.1 Bar at 500 l/min

Pressure loss DN80

0.1 Bar at 2000 l/min

Alarm setting (Option)

0.5 Bar

Filter size

Std 1000 micron Marine 310 micron



The Model F filters have been tested with full contamination load in water to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) clogging test standard for water mist systems MSC 1165 and IMO MSC 265(84). The Model F is to be used with all VID Fire-Kill open and automatic nozzles to ensure that no clogging will occur.