Control valve

C-EL-B DN80 Deluge valve

The FIREKILL™ C-EL-B Electrically Operated Control Valve with internal drain is a series of robust and reliable deluge, angle positioned, pilot controlled valves created entirely in Stainless Steel (316L) and designed for operating in open deluge systems as a zone valve or a full flooding/deluge valve, capable of functioning under harsh conditions and designed to be connected to systems where no corrosion is allowed.


Stainless steel AISI 316


Flanged DIN PN 16



Operating pressure

1 - 16 Bar


24 VDC

Standard coil

11 W

Impulse coil

10 W

Pressure gauge

0 - 25 Bar

Control valve


The Control Valves have been designed with the intention of being installed in fine water spray fixed firefighting systems (FFFS) in commercial and industrial applications. Because of the stainless-steel housing and internal components, the Model C-EL Control Valves are highly applicable in most areas. The valve can easily be disassembled for easy maintenance and refurbishment, without removing the valve housing from the connected system. The basic Model C-EL versions has been tested and certified in accordance with FM5560 appendix G including the K6 nozzles in total flooding water mist system.