High velocity nozzle

HS56 90 dg

The FIREKILL™ Model HS56-90 is a high-speed water spray nozzle which delivers a full cone spray of water from the nozzle in an angle of 90º ±5%.


Naval brass / Titanium / AISI 316 /Super duplex


1" NPT

Kv Metric

56 +/- 5%

Operating pressure

2 - 6 Bar

High velocity nozzles


The Model HS56-90 nozzle is designed for fire protection of car deck on ferries where the area is enclosed or open in one or both ends in accordance with MSC.1/Circ.1430/Rev.1 REVISED GUIDELINES FOR THE DESIGN AND APPROVAL OF FIXED WATER-BASED FIRE-FIGHTING SYSTEMS FOR RO-RO SPACES AND SPECIAL CATEGORY SPACES, Section 4 Additional prescriptive-based system design requirements. The Model HS56-90 is component tested in accordance with IMO MSC Circ 1165 and holding DnV MED-B and UK MER-B Approval.