By definition, watermist is a water spray for which 90% (99% in NFPA) of the total volume of liquid (Dv0.90) is in droplets of a diameter smaller than 1000 microns at the minimum design operating pressure of the watermist nozzle.

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The watermist definition

The biggest value of watermist is its cooling capacity which comes from the physics of water: smaller diameter droplets evaporate faster due to bigger surfaces of water having direct contact with the atmosphere. Water, when it evaporates, absorbs large amounts of energy.


Full-scale fire tests

Watermist efficiency is always proven in full-scale fire tests. But why? Because when you know where and how to add the water to the fire you always need less water. The way to learn it is to test it. The best way to test it is in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.

Fire testing