Vestre Porsgrunn Church, Porsgrunn, Norway

Norway is home to many old churches made of stone and wood. Some of these are hundreds of years old and are therefore classified as cultural heritage and must be protected from damage including fire. Fires in churches have usually happened due to failures in old electrical installations and lightning striking them, but within the last couple of years, many churches have been subject to arson, where arsonists ignite the churches from the outside on the facade.

It was for two old and famous wooden churches located in Porsgrunn decided that a fixed firefighting system was to be installed in them. However, one of the churches was subject to arson before it was protected. This raised a lot of focus on the other church, the Vestre Porsgrunn Church, and the need for a robust, reliable, and well-tested system being able to perform both indoors as well as outdoors. VID FIREKILL luckily had a solution for indoor and outdoor protection of such structures which matched all the criteria. A facade system for outdoor protection and Model N-pipe and Model APS for indoor protection.


Vestre Porsgrunn Church, Porsgrunn

Church Norway

Why was a VID FIREKILL solution chosen?

• The solution was successfully tested and verified for risks found in wood churches and on wooden facades.
• The system could be used in non-heated areas such as in attics and for facade protection.
• The system, having very small dimension pipes, created a minimal need for modification of the church structure.
• The small nozzles and special aesthetical designs ensured hidden installations.
• In case of fire and activation, less water damage would be caused.
• Due to the small need for pressure and flow, the pump room could be installed in closets, small toilets, etc.

Some specifics

The horizontal protection of the church room was fitted with small dimension Model APS – Atrium N-pipes being able to protect the entire room from one side. Attic and tower protection was made with Model N-pipes type 2V and Model APS – KIP, and the outdoor protection was made with Model APS – Facade. All systems were connected to the FIREKILL™ Model C-EL deluge valves.