Nordhavnsvejens Tunnel, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Nordhavnsvej tunnel is a twin-tube tunnel, each 900 m long and 9.2 m wide. The tunnel is constructed in cast in-situ concrete. The tunnel is part of the connection between the densely populated and busy Nordhavnen area of Copenhagen and the Helsingør Highway and will be connected to the future Copenhagen harbor tunnel extending under Copenhagen's northern harbor.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Nordhavnsvej Tunnel

Nordhavnsvej Tunnel protected by VID FIREKILL watermist

Why was a VID FIREKILL solution chosen?

The VID FIREKILL TUNPROTEC® system offers:
• Significantly less consumption of water than conventional sprinkler systems.
• Allows for a significantly smaller water reservoir and drainage system.
• Significantly fewer spatial requirements for pipes and valves.
• The system was very cost-effective compared to other solutions.

Some specifics

The two tunnel tubes were divided into 50 zones each 25 m in length, and each protected by one string of nozzle pipes located at the center of the tunnel ceiling. Each zone nozzle pipe was connected to a VID FIREKILL Model C-EL deluge valve, which for this project was supplied in high alloy stainless steel, SIL 3 solenoid, and with an MTTFd value of 150 years.

Tunnel type: Road tunnel
Tunnel length: Twin tubes of 900 m
Tunnel width: 9.2 m
Tunnel height: 5.7 m
Installation year: 2015-17
Nordhavnsvej tunnel5
Nordhavnsvej tunnel
Nordhavnsvej tunnel ceiling