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VID FIREKILL is a world leading innovative developer and manufac­turer of water based firefighting products. VID FIREKILL specializes in fixed water-based systems utilizing environmentally friendly firefighting methods. The company is located in Denmark, where all products are developed and manufactured in our ISO 9001 accredited production facility.


VID FIREKILL aims to deliver the highest quality products. We continuously strive to improve our product quality and robustness.

Road tunnel fire protection


VID FIREKILL's Model TUNPROTEC® system is a fully active fire protection system for the protection of infrastructure tunnels. The system includes pipes, nozzles, valves, pump units, and a control system.


N-Pipe with nozzles

VID FIREKILL's Model N-pipe with low pressure watermist nozzles offers:

  • Large coverage
  • Robust due to large waterways
  • Low water consumption
  • Low pressure requirements (PN16)
  • Low dimension pipes prepared for press-fitting
spray 3


C Zone Valve

VID FIREKILL’s Model Tunprotec® Zone Control Valves are a series of robust and reliable deluge, angle-positioned, pilot-controlled valves, capable of functioning under very harsh and highly corrosive conditions. The C valves can be operated manually or electrically through AC or DC signals and can easily be reset after activation. The Model Tunprotec® C Zone Control Valve has been designed to hydraulically control the flow of water from the wet supply system to the dry TUNPROTEC N-Pipe low pressure water mist system. The C valves offer:

  • Robust design made in 316L stainless steel.
  • Designed to be disassembled for easy maintenance and refurbishment.
TP valve