Wooden Tower of the Crane, Gdansk

VID FIREKILL is pleased to have contributed to the fire protection of the Wooden Tower of the Crane at the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk in partnership with Polish Supon S.A.
In May 2024, after years of inadequate fire protection, the beloved landmark of Gdansk had a VID FIREKILL low pressure water mist fire extinguishing system installed in the wooden part of the old port crane.


National Maritime Museum in Gdansk

Old crane, Gdansk

Why was a VID FIREKILL solution chosen?

The previous fire-protecting solution was ineffective due to a lack of water supply. Water had to be sourced from the mains since there was no space for a tank. The installation of a tested and approved system dedicated to the museum's specific risks was necessary. VID FIREKILL met all these requirements - and offered a cost-effective solution.

Some specifics

The system features nozzles and pipes that are hidden. This not only helps to preserve the aesthetics of the beautiful building but also ensures that the system remains discreet and blends in with the structure.
The tower is an open structure, and the levels are not separated from each other, which means that a fire could easily spread between them. To address this, a zone installation was created where all six levels were treated as their own zone.
Systems used for the project are N-pipe 2V system with BM1 nozzles for levels with giant wheels, open VSO nozzles for flat ceiling levels, and a KIP system for the attic.
Shipyard Crane Gdansk
Shipyard Crane open levels
Shipyard Crane wheel
Shipyard Crane fire protected