Kragerø Church, Norway

In 2019, VID FIREKILL’s low pressure watermist APS KIP system for attic protection was installed in Kragerø Church in Norway. Due to the complexity of the old building, especially the attic, the FIREKILL™ system was installed without a fire detection system and pumps. The church has smoke alarms installed that will alert the local fire department, which is located only two minutes away, in case of fire.


Kragerø Church

Kragerø church

Why was a VID FIREKILL solution chosen?

FIREKILL™ system is compatible with the local fire department’s equipment and water pressure and can therefore easily be connected to their hoses upon arrival at the church. This compatibility allows for immediate action as well as quick access to the attic.
The simplicity of the FIREKILL™ system makes it an ideal solution for the protection of often complex structures such as churches, cathedrals, and attics in heritage buildings.

Some specifics

The unique APS KIP system’s pipes each cover 13 m in width and can be adjusted according to the slope of the roof.
Kragerø church ceiling
Kragerø Church watermist
Kragerø church hose hook up