Cable tunnels

Fire protecting cable tunnels

Cable tunnel

Active fire protection for cable tunnels

Fire protection solution for cable tunnels

Cable tunnels are essential for modern data and power distribution and fire in a cable tunnel can bring organizations, or even society, to a standstill and lead to serious financial losses. Due to the volume of electricity in these environments, the risk of fire is especially high. A proper fire protection solution is vital to ensure the safety and structure of the tunnel and safeguard data and power distribution.


Cable Tunnels

Fire in an underground cable tunnel can bring society to a standstill and lead to serious economic loss.

Cable tunnel


The VID FIREKILL low pressure watermist cable tunnel solution provides fast and reliable protection for different types of cable tunnels. The Fixed Fire Suppression system effectively suppresses and controls the fire and prevents it from escalating and spreading. The system covers tunnels up to 3.75 m in height with airflows up to 4.1 m/s in both open nozzle and automatic nozzle configurations.

Fire protecting cable tunnels

The solution for protecting cable tunnels

Main benefits of VID FIREKILL's low pressure watermist solution for cable tunnel fire protection:

  • Tested to EN14972 part 11
  • Rapid fire control
  • Lowers ambient temperatures
  • Minimal water damage
  • Ensures quick reopening of highly important infrastructure networks
  • Coverage of tunnels up to 3.75 m in height
Cable tunnel watermist fire protection

Low water flow - less power consumption

VID FIREKILL vs. other watermist solutions and sprinklers



Other low pressure solutions

55% lower water flows




80% lower water flows



High pressure

75% less power consumption

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