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Fire protection solution for lithium-ion battery storage

Lithium-ion batteries are at special risk of fire due to thermal runaway

Lithium-ion batteries play an integral role in our daily lives, powering a wide range of electric applications from smartphones and electric cars to large-scale energy storage. There are, however, serious risks associated with lithium-ion technology. Lithium-ion batteries contain high energy density in small spaces and therefore present a significant fire threat. The batteries are at special risk of thermal runaway, which can lead to overheating and release of highly toxic and flammable gasses. The VID FIREKILL low pressure watermist system is an ideal solution for fire protection of lithium-ion batteries. The watermist system rapidly controls fire and prevents it from spreading to adjacent zones. The system provides cooling of the battery and controls the rise in battery temperature. The fine watermist generated provides good gas absorption and gas temperature reduction.


Fast and reliable

Battery storage fire protection with low pressure watermist

Battery room

Battery storage

The solution for protecting battery storage

Main benefits of the VID FIREKILL low pressure watermist system for battery storage protection:

  • High cooling effect with low pressure demand
  • Uses less water than traditional water spray systems
  • Reduces the risk of thermal runaway
  • Foam agents are not required
  • Low water requirements
  • Possible to feed the system from the mains with booster pump
  • Possible to connect the system to a firetruck
Battery room

Low water flow - less power consumption

VID FIREKILL vs. sprinklers and other watermist solutions


80 % lower water flows

High pressure

75 % less power consumption

Other low pressure solutions

55 % lower water flows

80 %

VID FIREKILL uses less water than traditional sprinkler systems

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