Green Pea Retail Park, Turin, Italy

In the summer of 2020, VID FIREKILL was part of the redevelopment of the Green Pea Center in Turin, Italy. The Green Pea is a multi-purpose commercial center with a focus on eco-friendly retail and dining. In addition to offering eco-friendly products and food, the 4-story shopping center is being built on the principles of sustainable architecture with minimal impact on the environment. The building is conceived as a living building with wood as a recurring theme.

Turin, Italy

Green Pea Retail Park

Green Pea park Turin

Why was a VID FIREKILL solution chosen?

The use of natural materials in the building architecture requires an effective fire protection system that can blend into the surroundings, and the building strategy of minimizing the impact on the environment requires a system that is environmentally friendly. The FIREKILL™ low pressure watermist system is a perfect match for these requirements with its low water and power consumption and concealed design.