Ferry Bastø Electric

Together with our Turkish partner, Marsis, we have supplied fire protection for the Norwegian ferry Bastø Electric – the world’s largest all-electric ferry. The ferry is owned by Norwegian Bastø Fosen and is operating the busy route between Moss and Horten in Oslofjord. Bastø Electric is 144 m long and capable of carrying 600 people and 200 vehicles. To comply with the environmentally friendly concept of the busy Norwegian ferry route, the VID FIREKILL low pressure watermist systems were chosen as the fire protection for the electric vessel.


Electric ferry

Bastø Fosen with watermist system

Why was a VID FIREKILL solution chosen?

The VID FIREKILL low pressure watermist system offers:
• A green and sustainable solution.
• Potable water as the only extinguishing agent.
• Low water pressures and water flow.
• Easy installment and maintenance.

Some specifics

The VID FIREKILL automatic nozzles and open low pressure watermist nozzles are installed in the seating areas, and in the machine rooms.
Bastø Fosen with watermist system
Bastø ferry with VID FIREKILL watermist system
Ferry with watermist system protection