The Heathrow Cargo Tunnel, Uk

The Heathrow Cargo Tunnel in London was built in the late 1960s underneath Heathrow Airport to connect the cargo terminal to the central terminal area. The tunnel is crucial in facilitating various vehicle movements throughout the busy airport grounds, including transferring passengers. After more than half a century of service, it has been decided that the cargo tunnel requires major refurbishment work to improve its condition and ensure the tunnel continues to operate effectively. VID FIREKILL has been appointed as a provider of fire protection in combination with the refurbishment. VID FIREKILL’s low pressure watermist TUNPROTEC® tunnel solution will be installed in the 885 m long tunnel.

Heathrow, Uk

The Heathrow Cargo Tunnel

Heathrow cargo tunnel protected by Tunprotec watermist

Why was a VID FIREKILL solution chosen?

• The TUNPROTEC® solution offered the best technical and economical solution.
• The TUNPROTEC® solution offered significantly less consumption of water than conventional sprinkler systems.
• The TUNPROTEC® solution allowed for a significantly smaller water reservoir and drainage system.
• The TUNPROTEC® solution offered significantly fewer spatial requirements for pipes and valves.

Some specifics

Tunnel type: Road Tunnel
Tunnel length: 885 m
Tunnel width: 10.30 m
Lanes: Two – one in each direction