Effective and reliable fire protection

Keeping atriums safe

An atrium is a large open space within a building that extends up through two or more stories. Atriums are often found in large hotels, shopping malls, or commercial buildings. The large volume and high ceilings of the atrium may result in extensive smoke development and rapid fire spread between stories as well as complicate early detection of smoke and heat. Early fire suppression is therefore essential to ensure the safety of users and to limit smoke and fire from spreading. The VID FIREKILL low pressure watermist system is an ideal solution for the protection of atriums. The system offers fast and reliable protection against the different fire hazards while ensuring minimal water damage and business interruption. The system only uses potable water as a suppression agent and is safe for people and the environment.

A reliable and effective fire suppression system that will prevent a fire from escalating and smoke from developing is crucial.

A view towards transparent ceiling of an atrium in modern archit

Fire protecting atriums

The solution for protecting atriums

The main benefits of the VID FIREKILL low pressure watermist system for the protection of atriums:

  • Approved and full-scale fire tested to protect atriums
  • Uses less water than traditional sprinkler systems
  • Larger waterways than high pressure watermist
  • Low power requirements for pumps
  • Easy to install, and for stakeholders, easy to maintain with low life cycle costs

Low water flow - less power consumption

VID FIREKILL vs. sprinklers and other watermist solutions


80 % lower water flows

High pressure

75 % less power consumption

Other low pressure solutions

55 % lower water flows

80 %

VID FIREKILL uses less water than traditional sprinkler systems

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