Defined application

Industrial high risk

The FIREKILL™ Low-pressure, fine water spray deluge system is a Fixed Fire Suppression System suitable for fire protection purposes in high-risk industrial applications.

Min working pressure

6 Bar

Max working pressure

16 Bar

Drop size

DV90 = 300 um


Depending on application

Min height

Depending on application

Max height

Depending on application

Kv Metric


Design run time

60 minutes

Defined application


The VID FIREKILL Low-pressure, fine water spray deluge system for industrial high risk applications is typically used when the risk level is found to be medium to very high accordingly to EN ISO 19353:2016 such as loading stations such as shredder top parts, local protection of volumes below machines such as shredder bottom parts, local protection of high-risk areas on parts of a machine or a whole machine where the main risk is class A or class B fuels and local protection of surrounding risks found next to mechanical machinery.

Defined application


The FIREKILL low pressure, fine water spray deluge system has been tested to an extensive list of different protocols. To proof its use as a local application system it has been successfully tested in accordance with DFL test method 170325-1275-1 part 1, 2, 4, 5 and 8 meeting the requirements in EN 14972 Appendix A