Defined application


The FIREKILL™ Model AU7 nozzles have been designed specifically for the fire protection of large indoor spaces with high ceiling heights, which contains moderate fire loads and spaces in which the fire load concentration does not exceed an average of 1MW/m2.


AISI 316


3/4" BSP

Kv Metric


Operating pressure

2 - 8 Bar

Defined application


The Model AU7 is designed for protection of Cinemas, concert halls, auditoriums, aulas, atriums, lobbies, etc. AU7 Nozzles are open low-pressure water mist nozzles. Nozzles are installed in vertically upright position with its top cover flush to the floor or furniture surface. Nozzles are connected to dry supply pipes. When water is allowed access to the nozzle pipes, the water pressure automatically activates the AU7 nozzles to push the nozzle cover away from the nozzle, and the Nozzle elevates 70 mm above the surface, and homogeneously distributes water mist in front of the nozzle, and in the area between nozzles. No water is distributed behind the nozzles.

Defined application


The AU7 nozzles has been tested in accordance with the DFL fire test standard No. 90805-01 ‘Full Scale Fire Test Method of Active Fire Protection Systems for Fire Protection of Large Indoor Spaces with Large Multiple Seating Areas’ by the Danish Fire Laboratories.