Defined application

Facade system

The FIREKILL™ low-pressure water mist system Model Facade is a system utilizing very small open water mist nozzles integrated in stainless steel pipes designed specifically for the protection of facades. The system can however also function as a water curtain in openings not higher than 7m.


AISI 316


Plain end for press fittings

Operating pressure

7 Bar

Max height

7 meter



The low-pressure water mist atrium system Model Facade is a deluge system, it can be zoned up in smaller zones to reduce the total amount of water needed as well as to reduce the amount of water which is sprayed into the application in case of fire. Each zone shall be minimum 6m long and the full height of the facade (up to 7m height per system), and the system shall be designed so minimum two zones can operate at the same time.


The Low Pressure Water Mist Atrium System Model Facade is tested in accordance with EN14972, Appendix A