Control valve

WAC Alarm valve

The FIREKILL™ Model WAC Wet Alarm Check Valves are a series of robust and reliable clapper and wafer style alarm check valves. The WAC Wet Alarm Check Valve can detect low values of flow, commonly found in fine water spray systems and utilizes a Model AFA Anti False Alarm Unit to reduce the risk of false alarms as a product of pressure shocks.




Wafer DIN PN 16


DN40 and DN50

Operating pressure

1 - 16 Bar


24 VDC

Alarm threshold Type A

15 - 20 l/min

Alarm threshold Type B (FM)

32 - 38 l/min

Pressure gauge

0 - 25 Bar

Control valve


The WAC Alarm valve have been designed with the intention of being installed in fine water spray fixed firefighting systems (FFFS) in commercial and industrial applications. Because of the bronze housing and internal components, the Model WAC Alarm valves are highly applicable in most areas. The valve can easily be disassembled for easy maintenance and refurbishment. The basic Model WAC valves are FM Approved as a part of the FM approved system for FM HC1 occupancies.