Low pressure water mist accessories

Test manifold OH-TM

The FIREKILL™ OH-TM Automatic nozzle test manifold incorporates 6 pcs OH test nozzles


Brass, NiSn Plated


1/4" BSP


6 x OH Nozzles

Nozzle type

OH-Test nozzles

Aesthetic fire protection

Test manifold

The FIREKILL™ test manifold is a pre-fabricated unit for periodic nozzle maintenance test. The periodic test is to be conducted to assure nozzle performance. Every five (5) years a minimum of two nozzles should be removed and returned to VID Fire-Kill for a series functional testing. The quinquennial functional testing of two nozzles will takes place at an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. The laboratory should be listed to perform component testing of watermist nozzles, typically in accordance with IMO Resolution A.800(19) or similar. Only the nozzles separated from the system by valves and placed in non-significant areas/zones are to be tested. If a nozzle fails the quinquennial functional testing further steps should be taken if found necessary, depending on the cause of failure.