Low pressure water mist accessories

Dry Nozzle unit OH-DPD

The FIREKILL™ OH-DPD Unit is typically installed on wet pipe systems where pipe connections are exposed to freezing conditions such as low-pressure water mist drops from wet pipe systems into freezers or horizontal piping extensions to protected unheated areas, typically balconies in cold climate.


Stainless steel


1/2" BSP / BSP-T / NPT

Spanner size

36 mm

Nozzle type

Any OH Automatic nozzle


Dry pendent drop

The FIREKILL™ OH-DPD is a series of dry pipe units supplied in various lengths suited for any of the OH automatic low-pressure water mist nozzles from VID Fire-Kill for installation in Wet Pipe Systems, where the pressurized water pipes are located in frost free area, and the low-pressure water mist nozzle with build-in automatic heat controlled release of water mist be installed in a space where temperatures below 0⁰C may occur.