low pressure water mist accessories

Nozzle guard OH-RNG

FIREKILL™ Nozzle guard OH-RNG stainless steel rosette


Stainless steel


60 mm

Fitts to

OH Series


M36 x 1.5

Aesthetic fire protection


The FIREKILL™ OH nozzle guard are fitted to the nozzle making it semi-concealed rosette with the nozzle Cover Plate protruding only 10-15 mm from the surface, being the only visible parts of the nozzle in its daily use. The FIREKILL™ OH nozzle guard can be delivered in different paint and finishes making the system blend in with almost any type of surface, securing the aesthetics of the surroundings.



The FIREKILL™ OH nozzle guard is a combined rosette and guard. It is used mainly in areas where there are a possibility of hitting the nozzles, typically in ware houses and other working environments where typically ladders etc are used.