State Archive and Records in Kingswood NSW, Australia

Together with our Australian partner LPG Fire we have provided the fire protection system for the State Achive and Records in Kingswood in Western Sydney NSW.
The State Archives and Records Authority of New South Wales is one of Australia’s most important archive authorities with a large collection of historical records and archives dating back to the European settlement of Australia in 1788.


State Archive and Records

Fire protecting State Archive and Records in Kingswood NSW, Australia

Why was a VID FIREKILL solution chosen?

A fire protection system that would provide optimal fire protection while causing minimal damage to the archive’s irreplaceable collection upon activation was requested, and due to the complex archive cells a flexible system was required.
The VID FIREKILL low pressure watermist OH Nozzles and Model N-pipes were found to be the perfect solution for the project.
With its low water consumption, the system offers limited water damage, and the simplicity of the system allows for the nozzles to be installed directly in the pipes saving installation time and cost.

Some specifics

The FIREKILL™ OH-VSO nozzles are installed directly in the N-pipes with pre drilled and threaded holes saving installation time and cost.
Archive 1
Archive Australia
Archive Australia
Archive Australia protected by VID FIREKILL